Memories and messages, along with some gentle satire, form the background for my acrylic/collage paintings. I perceive everyday reality as a tapestry made up of visual fragments and impressions which I weave into whole images.  Blending collage elements that balance with painting elements results in a unique technique that offers the viewer several perceptual layers to be discovered.  These personal narratives are quite diverse in subject matter ranging from people, nursery rhymes and places.  This site primarily features  Southwest Art and Judaica Art themes.

                                                ABOUT THE ARTIST 
Life for me has been a series of changes in which I first pursued several academic degrees – Interior Design, University of Manitoba; Bachelor of Fine Arts, Alberta College of Art and Design; Bachelor of Education, University of  Calgary, and Master’s studies in Rome and Paris.  This early part of these scholarly endeavors took place while raising a family of four sons – the traits of a dedicated overachiever.   Born in Winnipeg, Canada, moved to Calgary, Alberta where I became a tenured design instructor at Mount Royal College for many years.  Life changed and I lived in various locations ranging from Vancouver, California, Seattle area, Arizona, Washington, where the cycle was completed with a return to Arizona. During these times I taught at Douglas College, Everett College and Cal State Northridge – all the while looking forward  to devoting full time to making art.

These past twenty years have been devoted to painting full-time, exhibiting in many shows (group and solo) and in galleries in Washington State, Canada and Arizona.   There have been numerous awards and honors, and my work is in various public and private collections in the United States, Canada, Australia and Europe. In addition to painting, there have been other projects, like designing stained glass windows and a  9 foot tapestry for a temple, designing murals, interiors and building additions, as well as a series of limited print editions of Judaica themes. All the above is the fuel that still fires my creative energies, maintains the passion that inspires me to paint the canvases that can communicate my artistic vision to viewers.

 Featuring: Southwest Art and Judaica Art