My Judaica Art paintings have evolved from my background and from family memories – holiday celebrations and shared stories of the Old Country.  These childhood images form the basis of my Judaica works. Many of them have been in shows and collections and after sometime I made four of the favorite paintings into MAZEL limited print editions (16″x20″ which can be ordered for purchase.

The “City of Gold”, “The Passage”, “The Simcha”, and “The Mishpocha” are all signed Litho Prints (mostly 16″x20″).  Details available upon request. All other paintings are done in acrylic/collage format.  Sizes range from 24″x20″ to 30″x30″. 

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Judaica Art

  • Strudel Stretchers
  • Chicken pluckers
  • Chanukah Remembered
  • The Sabbath
  • Passover Remembered
  • The Immigrants
  • Posing With Grandfather
  • matchmaker
  • The Simcha - ltd. edition print
  • The Passage - ltd. edition print
  • The Mishpocha - ltd. edition print
  • City of Gold - ltd. edition print
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