People are an endless source of inspiration for my paintings.  They can be in the Southwest or anywhere else – young, old, and in between – engaged in everyday activities.  Capturing these particular moments allows for the addition of whimsical collage elements.  Basically, these people paintings are for the viewer to enjoy and to celebrate our common humanity.

All paintings are done in acrylic/collage format.  Sizes range from 24″x24″ to 30″x24″.  Details available upon request. 
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These people illustrations are primarily focused around Judaica and Southwestern Art themes

  • A Cowgirl Fantasy
  • Afternoon Roundup
  • Bedtime Cowboy
  • Southwest Shopaholics
  • An Extra Appetizer
  • Moonlight Encore
  • Monsoon, Come Soon
  • The Chicken Tango